Praying Tattoo for Men Design at Naksh Tattoos Shop

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Catholics who get this type of tattoo will often choose to show the two praying clasping a set of rosary beads. This signifies their faith and devotion to their religion and God.

Lord’s Prayer Tattoo

The Lord’s Prayer works very well coupled with the praying hands, as do other psalms and bible quotes. Any scriptures that means a lot to you in your faith can be added to the tattoo in any form or variation you choose.

Bible images are often paired with praying hands tattoos, providing an additional expression of the wearer’s devout beliefs and faith. The hands can be displayed resting on or silhouetted against a bible.

Crosses are another image that incorporates easily into the praying hands image. The hands can hold the bottom of a cross, while the top extends up past the hands. A cross may also be visible just to one side of the hands as part of a separate, but connected, image.

This client of ours is a athlete and worships Jesus Christ, so he wanted a praying hands tattoo and some other elements as well. So we sketched this for him and added some features according to his likes and made this , after the completion of the Catholic tattoo the client was extremely happy as all of his wishes, which he wanted were on his hand and had a great experience with us…

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