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what are you looking for here.. if you are looking for tattoo for men / tattoo for girls , This is coolest place / Tattoo Studio where you will find vast variety of tattoos for men and girls. Naksh Tattoos is becoming most popular for Tattoos design for men / girls in Hyderabad India. There are many young girls/ Men looking for tattoos design for them and finding way to express tattoos themselves. At Naksh Tattoos , There are many tattoos designs for Girls/ Men like cute one, small one, water tattoos, hygienic tattoos etc.

Tattoo Design for men / girl

The places that some men / girls will put can make hard core bike cringe like public area on the breast. for men they loves put tattoos on back of neck as well as. Its also depend on the men/ woman where they want to inked for their body.

A lot of people are looking very different / unique tattoos designs at studio.. because they want cool looks like very different with others. Often guys get skulls, flames and sexy pinup girls as a sleeve tattoo design. As recently , we got news , Men is now taking interested in Japanese sleeve tattoos. because this is good and Japanese have a long history of full body. therefore they are advance in sleeve tattoos design. These tattoo design are cools and make a great Japanese tattoo design for men . Aside of this, Girls is also looking for best tattoos design like Butterflies, fairies, flower designs, and even specialty tattoos with names of their children, or boyfriend, (although this is not generally recommended.) are the most popular designs to name a few. But some of the woman inked to get a risque places, on or between the breasts is not really a good idea. Most important reason is that breast can grow / drop over time.. which one wrap the tattoo. then again, it will be very hard to cover up in case of your parents not allow it.

Best Places that women get tattoos

Some of the bet places that women/ girls get tattoos can be the small back of body just above the butt. because it can be shown / hidden depending on what are you wearing at that time. 2. Upper arm is another best place for tattoos for girls , There are many tattoos designs fit at that area. tribal armbands, rings of roses wrapped by thorns and many different heart designs. The middle of the back, between the shoulder blades is another good location, and there are many different styles and sizes to choose from.

Some best tattoos designs for men

Trends of tattoos for men is going to very famous day by day. we brings some interesting facts about the tatoos design for the men.

  1. Dragon Tattoos Designs : if you are following western culture style of wearing and thinking like that,, you will also want this kind of tattoos on your body because there are most of people liked one.. Its also dragon have the common place . The powerful brutal dragon in red or black is perfect for men’s tattoos. He looks impolite and lethargic and is ready to shoot a person or just fire. The dragon is a very mystical and mythical animal, full of magic and knowledge. Symbolism is of course power and strength.
  2. Samurai Tattoo design for men : Samurai and gods are still popular in traditional Japanese manga tattoos. These drawings naturally show violent samurai in the heat of the gods’ fight against evil spirits. In any case, you will have a great tattoo. What’s more than a person who swings a huge katana sword and kills a dragon or a demon. The last reason the samurai is so popular in Japanese tattoos and traditional arts is that it incorporates all that is important to the Japanese. The samurai carries Japanese culture and is not only a strong and fierce warrior in battle, he is also always aware of and follows the Bushido codex. That’s what all the Japanese want in the background. 120+ Badass Samurai Tattoos That’ll Make You Look Awesom
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