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To Change your personality with Creative Tattoo Design

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Have you noticed that there are a lot of tattoos shop / Studio today? In the past, you have only tattooed people such as sailors, outlaws and motorcycle gangs, but today tattoos are a popular body jewel of many people. Tattoo styles and styles have also come a long way. There are no more raw pictures of pin-up girls, skulls and anchors. Tattoos have become highly developed works of art, ranging from Celtic crosses to highly personalized symbols. People have found and created drawings that are expressed in a very personal way.

What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is simply a piercing wound on the skin that is full of ink. Although this is done differently today, the technique remains quite similar. Today, tattoo artists use a tattoo gun with one or more needles that penetrate the skin and send ink. Tattoos last a long time because the ink is deep on the skin. The upper layer of the skin is called the epidermis. It dissolves constantly and multiplies. If the ink of a tattoo was in this layer of skin, it would not take long. The skin layer into which the ink is injected is called a dermis. It is a deeper layer of the skin, which is very stable and makes the tattoo visible almost permanently.

Tattoos were handmade in the past with a tool that tapped the skin to create the puncture wound, and then the ink was injected by hand. Today, most tattoo shops have guns or tattoo machines, although there is still parts of the world that still use the oldest tattoo style. Tattoo guns greatly speed up tattooing today because the device can transmit ink to the skin when it is punctured. The tattoo artist can modify the end of the machine to include a needle or group of needles, depending on whether they draw the outline of the pattern or part of the shadow of the pattern. Today, most tattoo artists are very experienced and know how much they can take the needle to the skin to produce a good tattoo. Inadequate deepening can lead to irregular tattooing and excessive bleeding, and pain is much worse .

It hurts

Getting tattooed can hurt and take several hours or even days, depending on the size and design of the tattoo you make. The degree of pain may vary and will vary depending on the position of the tattoo. We all have a different pain threshold. Art has a bit to do with that. A good tattooist can cause less pain to a beginner or less experienced tattooist.

So you want a tattoo!

First, if you want to get a tattoo, do it for sure! Remember that a tattoo is a stab wound that must be treated like any other scratch or cut that you may suffer. Taking care of your tattoo is less likely to infect you. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but you need to make sure your vaccines are up to date. Today, tattoo parlors have put in place measures to prevent infections and diseases, but nothing is lost if you take extra steps for your own safety. If you have a tattoo, plan to consult a doctor. Some signs of infection include excessive redness, persistent bleeding, pus, or changes in skin color around the tattoo.

If you have a previous or existing disease, eg For example, heart disease, allergies, diabetes or a condition that affects your immune system, consult your doctor. He can recommend some precautions to take before getting a tattoo.

The choice of tattoo place is very important. You want to be sure that the tattoo shop is clean and safe. Items such as needles, gloves and masks should be disposable and should never be used with more than one person. Weapons and other non-disposable devices must be sterilized after each use. You can contact local government agencies (county, city, department of health) to inform you about approved tattoo shops, standards or complaints against a particular tattoo shop.

Here are some things to look for:

Does the tattoo shop you are looking for have an autoclave to sterilize the devices? An autoclave is a device that uses steam, pressure and heat to sterilize.

Is the company licensed? You can check this with your local government agency and the tattoo shop.

What to expect

First, you must find your own design that you want to tattoo on your body. The tattoo shop you visit will probably have thousands of reasons to display. Maybe the artist can also create a unique design for you. The drawings can also be selected on the Internet. Once you have decided on the design, you must choose a location. Perhaps you already remember the location and can choose the tattoo you will receive for this particular place. Then, the tattoo artist will clean and, if necessary, even shave the area on which the tattoo is applied and apply a tattoo-like spot on it for you to see. This will give you a good idea of ​​its appearance. While the artist is holding the ink and a gun in his hand, he explains the needles and the procedures to follow to help you understand the whole process. When you are both ready, start with the plan. Once the contour is complete, the tattooist will clean the tattoo area again and will most likely replace the gun’s needles for shading or filling. Once the tattoo is complete, the artist cleans the tattoo area again and applies antibiotic ointment, which will then be covered with a bandage. Congratulations! Now you have a new tattoo. The treatment will take several days, but you can soon remove the bandage and show your new art.

Tattoo treatments

The last step you need to take is very important. He takes care of your new tattoo until it heals completely. The tattoo shop will give you instructions to follow and will probably give you an ointment that you can use on your tattoo. Contact your doctor if anything about your tattoo seems unusual (as mentioned before). Make sure to keep your tattoo connected for the first 24 hours. This is very helpful in the healing process. You must avoid touching the new tattoo and scratching it on the scabs. In the end, it is a wound and, most likely, in crusty places. If you wash it for the first time, try using an antibiotic soap and dry it. Reapply antibiotic ointment and reconnect. This will only help to heal your tattoo. You want your new tattoo not to get wet (pools, swirls, long souls) until the tattoo is completely healed. Another important step is to protect the tattoo from direct sunlight. Even if it’s completely healed, the sun can make your tattoo fade dramatically. Therefore, it is recommended to use sunscreen on your tattoo for a while, so that your new tattoo does not go away too quickly.

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